Top finance Staffing Agencies in India.

Looking for the proper top finance staffing agencies in India and are still confused about which is the right one to choose. Here, I am trying to lighten your burden by enlisting this list of top finance staffing agencies in India. Financial Staffing agencies ease your hiring candidates’ problems. To assist you in your search for a partner I have compiled this list that rank as the top finance staffing agencies in India on the internet.

Agencies that specialize in finance and accounting staffing make it easy for companies of all sizes to find experienced professionals. They take on the hassle of recruiting and hiring, providing a convenient solution for companies seeking temporary or permanent staff. From small businesses to large corporations, these agencies cater to a wide range of clients. They offer specialized placement services for finance and accounting professionals such as accountants, financial analysts, and bookkeepers. These professionals can be provided on a temporary or contract basis, giving companies the flexibility they need.

01. Infinity Exists

Established in: 2005

Location: H353 Naraina Vihar

Email ID[email protected]

Contact No: +91-9873554734

Infinity Exists is a leading financial staffing agency and human resource solutions provider in India. The company has extensive experience in the finance industry and offers top-notch staffing services to businesses in this sector. They have a large pool of finance professionals with expertise in accounting, taxation, and financial management. The solutions of Infinity are true value for money which is why infinity Exists on the list of the top finance staffing agencies in India

02. Reflik

Founded in: 2014

Reflix is an Outsourcing HR platform based in Vadodara, India. They were established in 2014. Currently employ roughly 150 people in the business services, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and also retail sectors. They also are experts in outsourcing and human resources consultancy.

03. Alliance Recruitment agency

Founded in: 2010

Alliance Recruitment Agency is an Ahmdabad-based India-origin company that specializes in IT staff enhancement and HR services. Their team’s work is highly focused on providing candidates with better opportunities across the globe.

04. Multi Recruit

Founded in: 2013

Multi Recruit is also a Human Resource solution firm that ranks in the list of Top financial staffing agencies in India. Multi Recruit has specialised teams of HR Services and also Business Consulting Services. Their aim is to significantly improve the hiring process and assist in attracting talent from INDIA because of their research-driven and targeted technique, network, and access to the country’s and the world’s talent pools.

05. Srisys Inc

Founded in: 2001

Other top finance staffing agencies in India include Srisys Inc, which is another IT consulting and software development company that ranks as one of the top finance staffing agencies in India. The services that Srisys Inc provides also include voice and call centre services, BPO and back office services

06. Atheva Services

Founded in: 2020

Additionally, Atheva Services is a top-ranked HR consultancy firm based in India that also offers finance staffing solutions. Through their services, companies can find experienced employees who possess not only the necessary skills, but also a passion for their work, a strong sense of accountability, and a cultural fit with the company. As a result, businesses can benefit from increased productivity and a positive work environment.

07. Shivalic HR Solution

Founded in: 2018

Furthermore, Shivalic HR Solution’s headquarter is located in Rajkot, Gujarat, and it is quickly gaining recognition as one of the fastest-growing recruitment services and human solution provider agencies in the state. Additionally, Shivalic financial staffing agency specializes in a diverse range of industries, including IT, Non-IT, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Human Resources. Moreover, they have a strong commitment to implementing effective and efficient solutions for their clients. Finally, they continue to expand their services to meet the changing needs of the industries they serve.

08. Leadconnect Consultancy Services

Founded in: 2018

Lead connects Consultancy Services is based in Chennai Tamil Nadu. They also provide similar kinds of services to the other mentioned agencies such as Offer career coaching and guidance Giving job searchers, companies, training providers, and the general public access to information about the labour market. Connecting job searchers with firms both domestically and abroad can help with placement services.

09. Staffio HR

Founded in: 2016

Staffio HR is a Bengaluru-based global financial recruiting firm that specializes in providing staffing solutions to businesses across various industries, including finance. Furthermore, the company boasts a dedicated finance and accounting team, which assists businesses in finding top talent in this sector through a standardized hiring and screening process.

10. Integrated Resources

Founded in: 1996

Integrated Resources is a professional financial recruiting firm with a robust network of contacts within the finance industry, offering a wide range of services including staffing and recruiting, CRO clinical research and data management, engineering and management, information technology, quality control and customer service, healthcare and nursing, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and regulatory and drug development. This strong network can greatly benefit both the agency and its clients in finding the right candidates.



In conclusion, the finance industry in India is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for skilled professionals in this sector. The above-mentioned top finance staffing agencies in India are just a few of the top finance staffing agencies in India. When looking for a finance staffing agency, it’s important to choose one that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality candidates and a deep understanding of the finance industry. This will also help you to ensure that your company finds the right talent for your finance-related positions and can help businesses find top talent for their financial operations.

Working with the top finance staffing agencies in India can help streamline the recruitment process and ensure that you find the right candidate for the job. With the help of the top finance staffing agency in India, you can save time and resources in the hiring process and focus on what matters most – growing your business. So, if you’re looking for top finance talent, consider partnering with the top finance staffing agencies in India today!